Coating Operator - 2nd shift

55 Ramapo Valley Rd, Mahwah, NJ 07430, EE. UU. Sol. nº 2892
lunes, 2 de enero de 2023


  1. Work with Q/A on the release of machine and product being manufactured.
  2. Operating various production machinery
  3. Manufacture Medical Device, Cosmetics, and Ingestible products with a quality mindset.
  4. Ensure components, issues, returns, and transfers of inventory are recorded correctly.
  5. Before starting the machine, ensure that proper line clearance from the previous job has been executed and that proper components and materials are brought to the machine for the new start up.
  6. Meet all standards set for each operation.
  7. Ensure that the product coming off the line is within predetermined product specifications.
  8. Perform the cleaning and sanitizing of equipment as per company standard operating procedure.
  9. Perform minor troubleshooting for coating equipment.
  10. Perform assigned machine maintenance duties.
  11. Perform proper daily cleaning and maintenance of work center and work area.
  12. Record production date, postproduction information both electronically and on paper, and complete reports and pallet tickets.
  13. Assist in the packaging department as operator if needed.
  14. Adhere to all applicable standard operating procedures and work instructions.


  1. Read, comprehend, and adhere to the instructions on PSDS (Manufacturing Instructions).
  2. Complete and submit an operator report at the end of every shift.
  3. Complete and submit a line clearance for each shift.
  4. Prepare paperwork to return materials to stock.
  5. Familiarization of reconciling components daily.
  6. Not Limited to the Above.

Control of Materials:

  1. Check the materials on the line are correct for the job.
  2. Check that the materials are all released.
  3. Make returns (paperwork) with correct count and correctly labeled.
  4. Check that there is enough material (get more from Lead Operator if needed).


  1. Able to communicate with Manager, Supervisor, QC, and other Operators.
  2. Acquires help when having difficulty or question with people, machines, quality, or other items.
  3. Able to describe machine problem to mechanic to help repairs.
  4. Speaks to people in a way that improves their performance.


  1. Knows how to correctly and quickly stop the machine.
  2. Knows and follows procedure for fire drills.
  3. Keeps work area clean.
  4. Keeps proper control of trash and recycling.
  5. Follows cGMP Requirements.
  6. Knows Hazardous Communication / MSDS (Right to Know).


  1. General learning ability required carrying out manual assembly and machine related duties at customer and Acupac’s quality standards.
  1. Excellent visual inspection required to identify any defects.
  1. Good clerical ability needed to accurately record necessary data online with basic mathematical aptitude.
  1. Position requires on the job training of necessary machine skills; including proper operation, adjustment, maintenance and the ability to work safely.
  1. Forklift and Powered Pallet Jack certified/experience is a plus.
  1. Good interpersonal skills.
  1. Basic computer skills.

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